What happens in an acupuncture appointment?


The first appointment usually takes 1½ - 2 hours. Information is gathered about you and your main complaint(s), digestive and other physical systems, diet, sleep, emotional difficulties, lifestyle, medical and family history etc. Susie will feel your pulses (in several positions on both wrists) and ask to see your tongue. She may also conduct a brief physical examination and a simple, first treatment.

Before your second appointment Susie will make a full Chinese Medical Diagnosis and create a Personal Treatment Plan for you.

In the 2nd and subsequent appointments (each lasting about 1 hour) you will be asked for feedback on your progress and experiences to date. The new information you give is worked into that day's treatment and future treatment planning. The main focus though is on treatment.

Initially, most appointments are at weekly intervals, then fortnightly and three-weekly etc as patients improve. Every person responds to treatment in their own way, so at the outset it's almost impossible to say how many sessions will be needed. Generally though, chronic conditions need more work than acute ones. Treatment is never given or prolonged for unethical reasons.