Does acupuncture have any side effects?

Not really - although feelings of energy or tiredness may be heightened for a while. Also, very occasionally some people experience dizziness, and slight bruising at needle points can occur.

How long before I get better?

It would be irresponsible to predict outcomes as some patients experience rapid changes whereas others take longer. An initial commitment to 4-6 sessions is often recommended and you'll know if you're feeling different by then, but (of course) you'd never be 'tied' to this. 

Will my case be reviewed?

Yes. If you think of your diagnosis as a working hypothesis (as opposed to fixed decision ) you will understand that it's something to be tested (via treatment) and either proved or disproved by results. Reviews and feedback are therefore an essential part of the process. Full and open communication is essential.

Can I help myself?

Definitely maybe! Susie often suggests self-help strategies and she will discuss this with you as appropriate. Dietary and lifestyle changes or specific stretches and exercises can often help sustain any health and well-being improvements and reduce the need for future treatments.