What Susie's patients have said ...

Note: Members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) follow strict codes of Advertising Practice which (quite properly) are designed to 'protect the public from misleading or harmful information'. The codes prohibit complementary health practitioners from referring to many named medical conditions in their written or on-line advertising. Surprisingly, this even includes unsolicited written testimonials by satisfied patients. To achieve compliance with the codes some of the testimonials below have been slightly (but obviously) edited

"I just wanted to say a big thank-you for all your help over the last 5 months - the treatments not only helped significantly reduce the two named conditions I previously suffered from, but also a number of other issues that niggled me. I really enjoyed the sessions; you always made me feel relaxed with your calming and humourous ways. I will definitely be sharing the benefits of acupuncture and your services to friends and family. Yours gratefully"

"Thank you for that wonderful treatment on Wednesday. I have slept much more deeply and have had more of a sense of wellness than I've had in ages enjoying relaxing in the quiet moments. I had somehow forgotten the wonders that acupuncture can bring. It really is such a compassionate thing. So I am keen to continue with a series of regular treatments as you see fit." 

"After suffering with a named condition for over 10 years and trying various alternative therapies I visited Susie in the hope of improving my named condition and energy levels. The named condition affects me in many ways, I have to pace myself to be able to cope with every day life. Acupuncture greatly improved my named condition / dizzy spells and energy. My body seems able to regulate its temperature since having the treatment; I used to feel very cold but since receiving treatment I feel warmer all the time. Susie helped me to understand my condition. I changed some of the things in my diet and realised that eating warm food when I felt cold also helped me to feel better .... Susie is totally committed to improving health and I would recommend her highly to anyone. The treatment is so well explained and not painful like I expected it would be."

"I would like to give a personal recommendation for Susie and her services ... She is a friendly, warm and extremely kind and considerate person in every way. I feel very at home in her clinic and fully relaxed and at ease at all times. I have received Full Movement massage to my back and legs and found this to be of great help to me in connection with my mobility. I have also had extensive acupuncture and have found this to assist with various bodily functions ...."

"I visited Susie for six sessions in 2011 to get help with my health problems which included a named condition which I have had for 10 years, a second named condition and poor circulation which leaves my hands cold and discoloured. Susie concentrated on a specific health problem each week and was very gentle so I was mainly unaware of the needles being inserted. There was a similar pattern to the period after the treatment where my health problems seemed to worsen before improving substantially. The named condition I suffered from for 10 years is much diminished and the sensory organs affected by my second named condition are much less swollen and red. My hands are now a normal temperature and colour. I intened to return to Susie for further treatment and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. he is highly professional, knowledgeable and very caring ... an excellent service.

"I'm really excited about the excellent reduction in my named condition despite my slight scepticism and my GP's vehement declaration that acupuncture would not help ... it's gratifying to see such a positive change without having to resort to drugs. Thank-you for your efforts".

"I don't need to come back next time. My pain has all gone. That lower back rotation was amazing".

"I salute you Susie Griffiths. May you and your fellow graduates spread the benefits of acupuncture far and wide"

"Firstly let me say that Susie has the ability to put you instantly at ease ... gives 100% attention to detail, so much so that she even does homework on you afterwards .... LIKE A DETECTIVE! .... cleverly working out how to treat you on your next visit and figuring out a personal session for your needs. I can only say my energy levels really benefited and strangely .... yes my symptoms dispersed into the ether!!!! I am going to have follow up sessions. Susie ...... you are a GEM! Thank you".

 "... feel so much more confident that my named condition won't now develop into a debilitating event, or occur so frequently".

"Just to say, my back and shoulders feel wonderful - thanks,Susie"

"I was treated by Susie for a named condition using acupuncture. I had six sessions which reduced the typical symptoms of that named condition dramatically and now are completely gone. I also found Susie to be very helpful, kind and reassuring which made the whole experience beneficial. Definitely something I would recommend and use again".

"After more than 10 years of dealing with a named condition, seeing many doctors and trying many different medications nothing seemed to be effective. This is when I decided to try acupuncture and got in touch with Susie. After a few sessions the frequency of my named condition episodes has significantly reduced and I generally feel a lot calmer. Susie is a very kind and gentle acupuncturist. She spent time and energy really trying to understand my health problems and find the best possible treatment. I feel very fortunate to have found her. She really worked hard to help me and I am forever grateful for that!"