All kinds of people choose acupuncture ...


.. and all their treatments are 'tailor-made'. Thus, medical signs and symptoms are considered alongside personality traits, emotional responses, constitutional factors and environmental influences such as diet, work-life and so on. It is therefore true to say that acupuncture treats people (as a whole) rather than  'just' their named conditions. This individualised approach to treatment, and the fact that acupuncture is safe to use alongside conventional medicines are two of its greatest strengths.

Initially, most people want help with a specific, diagnosed (or otherwise named) medical conditions. Some hope that it will enable them to cut-down or come-off prescription drugs (in consultation with their GP of course). Others want help for vague, niggling or wandering symptoms. They may have seen their doctor and tried other therapies or over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, but they still don't feel 'right'. This type of patient often tries acupuncture as a last resort (after all, nothing else has worked) and they can be quite shocked by what they achieve. 

Having tried and enjoyed acupuncture, some people choose to continue having regular (but usually less frequent) top-up treatments. However, there's no pressure to do so and this is always a matter of individual choice.

Although everyone is different, people who try acupuncture do usually have one BIG thing in common ... a strong desire to change the way they're feeling.